5 Reasons Why Rey is Chewbacca’s Daughter

by Brandon

Since Star Wars: The Force Awakens released, there have been dozens of theories regarding Rey’s parentage. I think these clues provide definitive proof that Rey is, in fact, the daughter of Chewbacca.

1. Rey and Chewbacca have eyes.

If you look closely at the picture below, it becomes evident that both Rey and Chewbacca have two eyes. In a galaxy full of creatures with different numbers of eyes, it’s hard to just shrug this off as a coincidence.

It’s all in the eyes.

2. Rey and Chewbacca have teeth.

This one isn’t as obvious as #1, but when both characters open their mouths, it’s easy to see that they¬†both have teeth. Come on. Let’s be real here. This couldn’t be an accident. This shows – at the very least – that they must be related.

This clue really has teeth.

3. Rey and Chewbacca have hands.

This one actually shows two pieces of evidence that Rey is Chewie’s daughter. Not only do they both have hands, but they both also have five fingers on each hand. That alone should be enough to convince any reasonable person that Chewie is Rey’s father.

This is, hands down, some strong evidence…

4. Rey and Chewbacca both repaired broken droids.

At one point in The Force Awakens, Rey fixes BB-8′s antenna, and at one point in The Empire Strikes Back, Chewie fixes C-3po’s everything. This one is important because it shows how the director (J.J. Abrams) wanted us to draw parallels between the two characters. That was his way of giving us a knowing wink. He was all but telling us, “Chewie is Rey’s father!”

“Thanks for calling Tech Support, this is Reybacca.”

5. Rey and Chewbacca both snarl when they’re angry.

This one is really all the proof we need. It shows that they share a specific personality trait and it shows the obvious physical resemblance.

“Proof. End of debate.”

I know this theory may seem surprising at first glance, but now that you’ve seen the evidence, I’m sure you agree:

Rey is absolutely, undeniably the daughter of Chewbacca.

Mystery solved.

You’re welcome.


p.s. The most exciting aspect of this revelation is the important question of why Chewbacca left Rey on Jakku. It’s obvious that he applied hair-remover (which clearly exists in Star Wars) to help her cope with the desert environment… but why is she in a desert environment. We’ll know in a couple years…

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