A Change of Pace

by Brandon

This blog isn’t about me having cancer. I mean, I don’t feel bad for blogging so much about it. You (my readers) said you wanted to take the journey with me, and honestly, it’s hard to really think of other things right now. Something like a cancer diagnosis changes your entire life, so it makes sense that most of what I have to say these days is related to cancer.

That said, I (and I’m sure you) could use a break from all the “I have cancer” blogs.

So with this blog, I’m going back to my roots and writing a few movie reviews (if you want to read my previous reviews, you can check them out here).

I’ll get back to writing about my cancer soon enough, but for today… this blog isn’t going to mention the fact that I have cancer. Instead, I’ll be reviewing a few movies, including Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Batman Begins. Enjoy not reading about me having cancer!

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

This movie is clearly an allegory about cancer.

In the original series, Khan and his people try to take over the Enterprise. Well, the Enterprise obviously represents a human body, and Khan and his people clearly represent cancer trying to take that body over. The episode ends with Kirk stranding Khan and his people on an uninhabited planet. Kirk then goes on with his life and never bothers to check on Khan again.

Well, in The Wrath of Khan, Khan and his people escape that planet and seek revenge on Kirk for stranding them there. While on his revenge mission, Khan causes Kirk enormous amounts of pain and loss.

This movie is blatantly about the consequences of ignoring the signs of cancer. Kirk put Khan (cancer) on that planet, then ignored him for years. By ignoring Khan, he caused the situation to get even worse.

And that’s the lesson of Wrath of Khan. If a person sees signs that might indicate cancer, that person needs to face it right then. Putting it off will only make things worse down the road.

So yeah. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is totally about cancer.

Batman Begins

Batman Begins is about a young boy who witnesses his parents’ murders, then grows up to become a crime fighter.

This movie is obviously about cancer.

Clearly, Bruce Wayne is an allegory for someone who lost his parents’ to cancer, then grew up to become a surgeon who specializes in fighting cancer. Crime is a cancer to Gotham City, and Batman is the surgeon who tries desperately to defeat it. His utility belt is obviously just an allegorical representation of a surgeon’s tools. Batman Begins is the uplifting story of a young man who let his own personal tragedy fuel his need to fight cancer.

So yeah. Batman Begins is totally a movie about cancer.

A Few Bonus Reviews

I’ve been more or less incapacitated for a while now, so I’ve watched a few movies. Here are some quick bonus reviews of those movies:

Clash of the Titans

Totally about cancer. The Kraken? Yeah, obviously a cancer-monster.

Man of Steel

Very uplifting and optimistic movie where Superman represents a potential cure for cancer.

Lord of the Rings

A great trilogy about how people need the support of their family and friends in order to beat cancer.

The Goonies

An excellent story about just how much we’ll go through in our search for hidden treasure (which represents a cure for cancer).

Terms of Endearment

Obviously, an allegory about living with Diabetes.

So there you go. I hope you’ve enjoyed this break from all those blogs about me having cancer.

Have a fantastic day, folks. Go watch a movie. They’re great for getting your mind off the things that stress you out.


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