A Day in the Life of an Independent Author

by Brandon

I’ve had a few folks ask me what a typical day is like for someone trying to make it as an indie author, so I figured I would go ahead and give you a glimpse into an average day.

9 am.

Get up. Fix coffee.

Check Facebook. Check Email. Check stats on the website.

Pull up Chess. Play chess against the computer.

9:04 am.

Lose Chess match to the cheating computer. Stupid computer. It cheats! I swear, the damn thing cheats!

9:05 am.

Decide that I can’t focus on my book if I’m pissed about that chess match.

Have a rematch against the computer.

9:07 am.

Lose rematch.

Curse. A lot.

9:08 am.

Wife comes into room and says, “How’s it going?”

Quickly minimize Facebook and say, “Pretty good. Having coffee to get kick started.”

9:09 am.

Pull up current Work in Progress.

Start writing.

9:14 am.

See a little red “1″ on Facebook tab.

Check it.

Laugh at funny picture of a cat that looks like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.

9:15 am.

Decide to check all the different sales outlets to see how I did on sales overnight.

After checking the first sales report, scream, “WHY DOES THE WORLD HATE ME! WHY! I’M THE WORST WRITER IN THE WORLD!”

After checking the second sales report and actually seeing some good numbers, scream, “I AM THE GREATEST WRITER IN THE WORLD!”

After checking the third sales report, which is disappointing, scream, “I AM THE WORST WRITER IN THE WORLD!”

9:20 am.

Wife comes into room and says, “Do you have to scream that after checking every single store?”

Throw pillow at wife while screaming that she doesn’t understand.

9:21 am.

Get back to work on WiP (Work in Progress).

10 am.

Check Facebook to see two friends debating about Star Wars.

Decide that I’m gonna make one post, stating my opinion. One post and only one post.

17 posts later, get back to WiP.

Try to get over the fact that my friends are stupid.

10:40 am.

Check sales again.



10:45 am.

Go say one more thing on the Star Wars post on Facebook. Just one last thing, to finish it up.

14 posts later, get back to work.

11 am.

Wife enters room and asks how it’s going.

Lie to wife and say I’m up to 6000 words already.

Realize I’ve just committed myself to at least 6000 words.

Close out Facebook and write furiously for the next 2 hours.

1 pm.

Eat lunch while watching Doctor Who with the wife.

2 pm.

Decide to try one more game of Chess.

Resist punching monitor when the damn computer cheats again.

2:10 pm.

Write write write.

3 pm.

Realize that everything I wrote for the last 45 minutes was crap.

Delete it all. Re-write the entire chapter.

3:30 pm.

Kill off major character in WiP.

Feel horribly guilty.

Rewrite scene so major character survives.

Realize that the story demands that character’s death.

Rewrite scene so character dies.

3:55 pm.

When wife walks in and sees me crying over the death of the fictional character, lie and say it was because I was just upset by all the suffering in the world.

4:00 pm.

Take break and do research on how to build a lightsaber.

4:15 pm.



Continue working on WiP.

5:00 pm.

Check email.

See an email from a beta reader with the subject line: “Just finished your book!”

Close email without reading it.

Open email. Chant, “You can take the feedback, you can take the feedback.”

Close email without reading it.

Open email.

Close email.

Open email, read the feedback.

Run into the other room screaming, “HE LOVED IT! I AM A WRITING GOD!”

5:15 pm.

Continue working on WiP

6:00 pm.

Argue on Facebook about Star Wars.

Decide again that my friends are all idiots and don’t know anything about Star Wars.

6:15 pm.

Continue on WiP

Wife enters room and suggests dinner.

Explain that I can’t stop in the middle of a big scene.

6:45 pm.

Check sales



7:00 pm.

Eat dinner.

7:30 pm.

Decide that life is pretty damn good.

Two seconds later.

Start to worry about when the bottom’s gonna drop out.

Worry until bedtime.

– Brandon



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