A Message To George Lucas…

by Brandon

As you probably know by now, George Lucas recently sold Lucasfilm to Disney. In the world of nerds, that’s massive news. Just as massive is the announcement that they’re going to do Episodes VII, VIII, and IX.

Well, that news has made me do a lot of thinking about George Lucas and Star Wars, and I want to say something that I think is way overdue…

Thank you, George.

When Star Wars first released, I saw it at the drive-in theater. I was just 5 years old (maybe 6). That movie is actually my earliest memory in life. Hell, maybe that’s why I love Star Wars like I do.

We were a few minutes late. My brother was pissed, but I was too young to care. I remember pulling into that drive-in and seeing a space man riding through the desert on the back of a dinosaur!

My kid-mind was officially blown.

Since that fateful day, Star Wars has been a major part of my entertainment life.  From the biggest reveal in cinematic history (“No, Luke… I am…” well, you know) to the awe inspiring whip-hiss of a lightsaber igniting, Star Wars has always brought fun and excitement.

When I’m feeling down and just want to escape to another world for an hour or two, Star Wars takes me there. Several of my closest friendships were born from nerd-conversations about (you guessed it) Star Wars.

Hell, the prequels weren’t perfect, but I liked them.

I’m not saying I’m obsessed or anything. I don’t sit around the house dressed like a Jedi. My wife won’t let me. I’m just saying those movies have brought me a massive amount of entertainment for over 3 decades.

Mr. Lucas, I know you catch a lot of hell over the prequels and over the Special Editions, but none of that changes the fact that you created something that has brought millions of kids and grown-ups a ton of happiness.

Rest easy on the knowledge that if Disney screws up those movies, the fans will come at them with a fury previously unknown from nerds.

So…with all that said… let me officially say thank you. Thank you, George, for bringing us a damn good time. All gripes and nitpicks aside, you changed how movies are made and how stories are told. I know I would not be the writer I am today if you hadn’t sparked my imagination on that fateful day back at the drive-in…

And for that, you deserve my heartfelt thanks.

So there it is.



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