A Very Brief History of the War and the Day Soldiers

The Beginning of the War

The world was changed by an article in a magazine devoted to the “mysteries of the universe.” Fleeting Glimpse Magazine was a moderately popular magazine based on the search for mythological creatures. Mostly, this magazine (and its corresponding website) did articles about Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, alien abductions, and “paranormal research.” It was primarily an entertainment publication that nobody took seriously.

When it released an announcement on October 25, 2017 that the magazine’s lead researcher – Dr. Jackson Bates – had actually captured a werewolf, the world ignored the announcement as fiction.

CLICK HERE to read an actual transcript of that announcement.

They held the press conference on October 31 and the world witnessed an event that would change humanity forever. The world witnessed the live transformation of an actual living werewolf.

This event would later become known as “Jackson’s Folly.”

The Declaration Video

The next day, a video was released. This video was emailed to every news organization on earth and was placed on millions of websites.

The video was of a man, sitting behind a desk. We now know that this man was a werewolf. In the video, the man declared war on humanity.

CLICK HERE to read a transcript of the video.

The First Assault

That night, the Legion attacked and humanity was almost lost. On Halloween, humanity discovered that werewolves are real. The following night, vampires stepped from the shadows as well.

When the sun rose the next morning, millions of humans were dead. Millions more had been turned into abominations. New York and London had fallen to this Legion of darkness, as well as hundreds of other cities across the world.

But they underestimated us. Humanity rallied against this common enemy.

The Day Soldiers

The following night, we fought back. We armed ourselves with weapons based on legend and myth. Some worked; some didn’t. The early days of the war was bloody. Many human lives were lost.

But we didn’t give up.

We learned. We evolved. We continued to fight. We built a world-wide organization devoted to destroying this assault from the darkness.

We decided we would not allow the world to fall to darkness.

We vowed to protect the day.

That organization became what is known today as the Day Soldiers.

The War

It has now been 10 years since the war began. The Legion occupies slightly more than one-third of this world. More importantly, the Legion occupies about half of the industrialized world.

We’ve been fighting this war against the darkness for 10 long years, and we don’t know when the end will come. But this war hasn’t weakened humanity. It has strengthened us.

We will continue to fight.

We will continue to grow stronger.

And eventually… we will win this war.

We are the Day Soldiers.

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