Day Soldiers Book Three is Coming Very Soon

by Brandon

Cool news…

Day Soldiers: Topia – the third and final book in the Day Soldiers Trilogy – will be available very soon. As with the other releases, this book will be released in tiers. First, it’ll release for the Kindle, then, it’ll be on Smashwords and in Paperback on Amazon.

Many of the other retailers (Barnes and Noble, iTunes, etc) can take a little more time. This is just standard processing. I decided to make them available for each retailer as soon as they’re ready, instead of making certain venues wait until others are available.

I’m very excited about Book Three. This is the end of the Day Soldiers Trilogy but it might not be the end of stories set in that world. We might be seeing some sequels, prequels, and offshoots coming soon, both from me and from other authors. While we don’t have an exact date for Topia’s release, we hope to have it out in time for the holidays (at least on the kindle) so folks can gift the entire trilogy if they want.

This trilogy has been a fun ride, and I want to give a genuine and heartfelt thank you to all the folks who have followed the Day Soldiers’ adventures from the start.

Seriously, guys. Thank you very much. You all humble me.



Don’t forget, Purging Fires (Day Soldiers Book Two) is now available!

It’s time to return to the war against the darkness.

Available at Amazon for the kindle and in Paperback.  Get your copy today!

If you haven’t read book one yet, you can get it at Amazon for the kindle or in paperback, or you can pick it up for the Nook at Barnes & Noble.

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