Emotional Outbreak (This Year’s Halloween Short Story Marathon)

by Brandon

Last year, my Halloween short story marathon had wonderful results. I got some great stories submitted by several great authors and the reaction was wonderful. This year, I’ll be continuing the tradition. Every Friday in September and October (depending on the amount of submissions I get), I’ll be posting a new original short story. The stories will come from various authors.

This year, however, will have a bit of a twist. There’s a theme to the stories this year that I hope will make them fun to read and fun to write…

The Emotional Outbreak Marathon

The Rules:

  • Write a story that takes place during a zombie apocalypse.
    • It can be about anything and set during any time period as long as it takes place during a zombie apocalypse. But there’s a catch…
  • The story’s theme must focus on one specific emotion.
    • It can be any emotion. Love. Hate. Fear. Sadness. Loneliness. Humor. It doesn’t matter what emotion you choose, but the story’s theme has to revolve around it. Basically, you’re trying to make the reader feel the emotion you choose.
  • The title of the story must be the emotion you choose.
    • Or – at the very least – the emotion must be in the title.

And that’s it.

Just write a story set in a zombie apocalypse that’s focused on a single emotion. If you want to go with fear and try to scare your readers, cool. If you want to go with humor and try to make them laugh, cool. If you want to go with loneliness, cool. If you want to go with sadness, cool.

The story can be as long or as short as you want. Whatever it takes to get to that emotion.

What do you win?

Nothing. This is for fun. Stop being a jerk.

Okay, if you really want something, you’ll get…


And the joy of knowing folks have enjoyed your story.

How do you submit your story?

You can get your story to me in a couple of ways. If you’ve liked Books From Hale on Facebook, just send me a private message through Facebook with the story attached. If email’s your game, you can email it to me by going to the About Brandon section here at Books From Hale. My email is listed at the bottom of the page (I didn’t list it here because I don’t want the blog bots to scrape it and spam me).

Some notes:

  • I’ll be posting the first story on Friday, September 7.
  • I’ll post a new story every Friday after that, all the way to Halloween.
  • If I get more submissions than Fridays, I’ll post the extra stories on Wednesdays.
  • If I don’t get enough submissions to fill every Friday, I’ll try to write stories myself to fill the gaps.
  • I’ll post the stories in the order I receive them.

So there you have it. If you feel froggy enough to give us a good zombie romp, send me a story. Hopefully, this will be a fun little Halloween event for writers and readers alike.

Thanks! I look forward to seeing what you come up with.




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