Excerpt from Day Solders Book Three: Topia

by Brandon

As a special Halloween treat, here’s an excerpt from Book Three in the Day Soldiers Trilogy. If you’ve not read the first two books, I don’t recommend reading this excerpt. Since it’s the third book in a trilogy, pretty much any excerpt will be a spoiler for events in books One and Two. You can pick up a copy of Book One here and a copy of Book Two here.   Enjoy your glimpse at the exciting third and final book of the trilogy!



Excerpt from Day Soldiers Book Three: Topia


The vampires landed softly in the woods and released their grip on Lily. The predawn light was already brightening the sky through the treetops. This told Lily they’d literally flown all night.

“Where are we?” Lily said.

“Can’t talk,” the dark haired vampire said. “Sun’s coming up. That’s our bedtime, sweetie. Besides, I’m surprised you don’t recognize these woods.”

Lily looked around. “I’ve been in a lot of woods.”

“But these woods are special,” the vampire said. “You were born in these woods.”

“I was born in a hospital.”

The vampire laughed. “Your body was born in a hospital. You were born in these woods.”

Lily looked around again. As the morning light filtered down to through the trees, the woods began to look very familiar to her.

“This is where we killed Phillip,” she said. “I’m in the woods near Iveyton.”

“Welcome home,” the vampire said with a giggle.

“Why did you bring me—”

All the vampires were gone.

Lily took a few minutes to build up her nerve, then began her walk to Iveyton. When she got to the road, she stopped walking. The road circled Iveyton, so either way would take her to town. She knew going left would get her there faster, but it would also lead straight to her back yard. She didn’t want her first sight to be the remains of her burned home, so she decided to take the long way.

The morning sun was high in the sky when Lily stepped from the woods and looked at the town of Iveyton.

“My God.”

Her hometown had risen from the dead. The houses were rebuilt and looked exactly like they did when she lived there. Most of the houses were dark, but the old “We’re Open” sign was flickering at Pete Green’s gas station.

In the distance, she saw a burly old man step from the gas station and walk toward the pumps. He had a clipboard in his hands. From where she stood, the man looked like Old Pete.

Except Pete’s dead. I killed him.

The old man looked at each pump and wrote something on the clipboard.

Morning inventory, Lily thought. He’s checking his tanks, just like he does every morning.

The man finished his checks, then looked around the town. Eventually, he saw Lily standing in the road.

He waved. “Hey there, Lily! You’re up early.”

It wasn’t Pete’s voice.

While the knowledge that Pete hadn’t been resurrected brought Lily some measure of comfort, the thought that he had been replaced by a new Pete unnerved her just as much.

As she walked toward the gas station, it became obvious that this old man wasn’t Pete, but the resemblance was remarkable. Same build. Same balding gray hair. Same clothes.

“Who are you?” Lily said as she got to the gas station.

“I’m good, I’m good,” the old man said. “How are you this fine mornin?”

“I didn’t ask how you are,” Lily said. “I asked who you are.”

The old man looked genuinely confused. “You okay, kid? Come to think of it, what the hell were you doing in those woods? Did something happen to you?’

“Who the hell are you?” Lily repeated.

“Lily,” the old man said, “I’m Pete. You’ve known me your whole life.”

“You’re not Pete,” Lily said. “I killed Pete.”

The old man gave her a worried look. “Come on inside and sit down,” he said. “I’ll fix you some hot chocolate and we can call your dad. You’ve got me a little concerned here.”

“Who are you!” It took Lily a second to realize she had screamed the question.

“Calm down,” the old man said. “Just calm down. Something obviously happened to you in those woods. We’ll get you all fixed up, but you have to calm down. We’ll get your dad to come get you and take you to the doc—”

“My dad is dead!” Lily found it hard to breathe. It took all her willpower to stay conscious. “The doctor is dead! I killed my father and Leo killed Dr. Brower. And I’ll say it again, in case you didn’t hear me the first time. I killed Pete Green. Now, if you don’t tell me who you are, I swear to God, I’ll kill you.”

The man took a step back. He looked terrified. “Lily, I’m Pete. Your dad is fine. I talked to him last night. Doc Brower is fine.” He looked at the woods behind her. “You mentioned Leo. Is he with you? Is he okay?”

“I’m leaving,” Lily said as she spun around and began to walk back toward the woods.

“Wait,” the old man said. “Please.”

Something in the old man’s voice caused Lily to stop.

He’s terrified.

She turned back around and said, “You want me to stay?”

“Yes,” the old man said, his voice trembling.

“Then stop with the Pete bullshit,” Lily said. “We both know you’re not Pete, so stop it and tell me what the hell is going on.”


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