Excerpt from Day Soldiers: Book Two

by Brandon

The second book in the Day Soldiers Trilogy will be available very soon. In the meantime, here’s an excerpt:


The White House containment facility was the largest in DC, housing over five hundred humans. Like all facilities, it was completely self-sustained. This particular facility, however, was widely considered one of the best. It had water, gardens, housing, several playgrounds for the children, and even a basketball court and a football field.

“We’ll be heading to the basketball court,” Val explained as she unlocked the front gate and walked inside.

“Where are the guards?” Natasha asked.

“Basketball court.”

“All of them? Shouldn’t they be guarding the other sections of the facility?”

Val laughed. “No need.”

“Okay,” Natasha said. “Now I’m very curious.”

“Fair warning,” Val said as they approached the building that housed the basketball court, “this will piss you off at first. A lot.”

Val opened the door and they stepped inside. The facility guards were all inside, leaning against the walls of the building. All in all, it was a normal basketball court with bleachers on the sides and goals on the ends. On one end was a large chalkboard for keeping score.

On a normal day, Natasha would have looked at the court and felt proud of the humane treatment these humans were receiving.  As soon as she looked at the center of the court, however, she realized that this day was anything but normal.

“Is this…”

“Yes,” Val said. “It’s every human that lived in this facility.”

Hundreds of human bodies were stacked in the center of the court. The entire floor was covered in blood. A single figure sat on top of the giant stack of bodies. His long black hair was pulled into a tight ponytail. His face was covered with a few days’ worth of hair growth. He wore cowboy boots, blue jeans, and a plain white T-shirt.

He was grinning.

Natasha turned to Val. “Why did you bring the bodies here?”

“We didn’t,” Val answered.

Natasha stared in awe at the bodies. “There were over five hundred people here.”

“Five hundred,” the man said as he climbed down the pile and walked toward them, “and twenty-six, not including myself.” He spoke with a southern drawl that Natasha recognized as a Georgia accent.

“How?” Natasha asked.

The man pulled a cigarette from behind his ear and put it in his mouth. “I appreciate you guys allowing us to smoke here,” he said as he lit the cigarette. “That’s one thing I like better about the vampire world. Before, you couldn’t smoke any-damn-where.”

“How?” Natasha repeated.

“This,” Val said, “is exactly why I’ve been bothering you about installing cameras inside the facilities.”

“I’ll definitely concede that argument,” Natasha said. She looked at the man again and said, “Tell me how you did this?”

“About seven this morning,” the man said, “I was playing cards with Ed. He’s one of the dead people there. He needed a four to get a full house, so I looked at him and said, ‘Ed, if you pull a four from that deck, I swear to God I’ll kill every person in this place.’ He pulled a four and laughed. I guess he thought I was joking or something.”

“I didn’t ask why,” Natasha said. “I asked how.”

“Wasn’t hard,” the man explained. “You guys had gone back to your graves or whatever. It was still early, so most of these guys were still asleep. The majority of the poor bastards woke to a slit throat from a kitchen knife. Once I finished the last one, I spent the day carrying them here. I just figured it’d be a better presentation for you folks when you came back.”

Natasha looked at Val. “How did he end up with these people? I thought we purged the prisons.”

The man laughed. “I love how you folks say purge when you mean kill. Besides, surely you understand that not all prisoners are psychos and not all psychos are prisoners. I guess I fall into that second category. We don’t all get caught.”


Book two of the Day Soldiers Trilogy will be here soon! It’s almost time to return to the war against the darkness. If you haven’t read the first book yet, you can pick it up at Amazon for the kindle or in paperback, or you can pick it up for the Nook at Barnes & Noble.

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