For a Limited Time, Day Soldiers is 99 Cents

by Brandon

In honor of the 100th “like” on the Days Soldiers Should Be a SyFy Show Facebook Page, and to make it easier for people to come from a place of experience when it comes to supporting the idea, I’m putting the first Day Soldiers novel on sale for just 99 cents. My reason for this is simple… 

We’re gaining “likes” at a good pace, so I’m fairly sure some of the wonderful people supporting this idea haven’t actually read Day Soldiers. I want to do my part by giving them the opportunity to read it without having to invest too much of their hard earned money.

The people who have read Day Soldiers are enthusiastically supporting the SyFy idea, so I want to give potential new supporters an easy way to decide for themselves if they agree. That’s why – for a limited time – folks who haven’t read Day Soldiers can give it a go for less than a buck.

Now, when we spread the love about the SyFy Initiative, we can also let people know that the first book is only 99 cents on Amazon.

As always, thanks for your support on this. That’s not just a courtesy “thanks.” I mean it. Your support on this has been overwhelming and the English language simply doesn’t have a  word strong enough to adequately express my gratitude.

This fancy schmancy internet age has opened up some fantastic doors. With enough support, we will get noticed by SyFy!


p.s. To go to the Day Soldiers Amazon page, just click picture above.

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