Go search for Brian.

You move swiftly through the town, looking in every window you pass. You see Brian nowhere.

“Okay,” you say. “A random search isn’t going to accomplish anything. We need to think our way through this.”

“Where would a vampire preacher execute a Day Soldier?” Sarah asks.

Suddenly it hits you. You quickly scan the town, then smile when you see the building you’re looking for.

“There,” you say as you point toward the church.

You and Sarah work your way toward the church. As you get closer, you see a flickering light through the windows.

You sneak up to the window and look inside.

Sure enough, Brian is in the center of the church. He’s on his knees.

At least twenty vampires are standing around him.

“This won’t be easy,” Sarah whispers. “We could cause a distraction.”

“Or,” you say, “we could just charge them. A distraction might cause them to just kill him.”

“If we threw a grenade into another building,” Sarah said, “it might confuse them enough to give Brian a chance to escape.”

“True,” you say.

Do you:

Create a Distraction.

Charge the church.

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