Halloween Fun in the Mountains

by Brandon

This past Saturday, some friends and I made our yearly rounds for the local Halloween attractions, and I gotta’ say, this is a very good year for Halloween.

First, we went to the “Haunted Forest” (for local folks, that’s at Mountain Empire Community College)…

This year is – without a doubt – their best effort. The decorations are thought out and genuinely creepy. The wooded atmosphere is great. I personally would have liked more interactions with actors instead of props, but I understand this is based heavily on the amount of volunteers they have.  And to be fair, they did have actors, just not as many as I would’ve liked. That said, their design and atmosphere was great. It’s obvious they put a lot of care and effort into the project this year, and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys good Halloween fun.

Our second visit was to a Haunted House by the Big Stone Gap Fire Department.

I’m going to be honest here, I wasn’t really excited about this one. I expected it to be far less enjoyable than the Haunted Forest.

I was wrong.

These guys were great. The “rooms” were well designed and it had many actors. Every room had actual living people along with the props… and they were clearly having a great time. My group consisted of 5 adults. Normally, with adults, I find that the people putting on the show will scale it back, because they know and we know they’re not really going to scare the group. The Fire Department folks didn’t take that “scale it back” approach. They brought it and they brought it full force. They were fun and had a great sense of humor. We laughed the entire time, but we weren’t laughing at them. We were laughing because we were having a genuinely good time.

If you like Halloween fun and you’re looking for something in the Big Stone Gap area, go check the Fire Department out. We had a blast.

All in all, every person in my group decided that the Halloween events so far have been great. Do yourself a favor and go out to support the local folks making these events. You won’t regret it.

This weekend, we’ll be hitting a few corn mazes… that should be interesting.

So there it is.

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