High Adventure, Great Action, & Lots of Monkeys for Cyber Monday!

by Brandon

In honor of Cyber Monday, today is the last day that Day Soldiers is on sale for 99 cents for the Kindle. If you’re planing on getting someone a fun book for their kindle, you can send them Day Soldiers for a buck! The zombie apocalypse is so last week. All the cool kids are reading about the vampire apocalypse. Head on over to Amazon and get that apocalypse lover a copy of Day Soldiers today. And if you haven’t read it yet, pick up a copy for yourself. It might just save your life. **

And remember, the adventure continues in Purging Fires (Day Soldiers Book Two), which is also available at Amazon for $2.99. That way, they can be caught up and ready when Topia (Day Soldiers Book Three) releases, which will be very soon.


Have a great holiday season!

- Brandon

** “It might save your life” is in reference to the fact that – in emergencies – e-readers can be used to swat away killer mutant bees. By reading Day Soldiers, you’ll have that potential weapon handy.

***Full disclosure: There are no monkeys in Day Soldiers. The phrase “Lots of Monkeys” was just a writer’s embellishment to enhance the enjoyment of this blog.

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