My Secret Weapon

by Brandon

Being an indie author is not an easy job. Indie authors have to be much more than just writers…

We can’t just write a book, then sit back and watch the sales come in. “If you build it, they will come” might work fine for baseball fields, but it doesn’t work in the publishing industry. You have to build it, then you have to work your ass off to get it noticed. But it doesn’t end there. You also have to package it so readers find it interesting enough to buy. Between writing the book, editing the book, formatting the book for the different retail outlets, and marketing the book, being an indie author is a very time-consuming process. It requires dedication, a very thick skin, and an obsessive nature.

All that said, I must confess I’m luckier than many indie authors out there because I have a very powerful secret weapon that gives me a massive advantage.

That secret weapon is my wife, Laura.

Simply put, there is absolutely no way I would still be doing this if it weren’t for my wife. Hell, there’s no way I would have started it if it weren’t for my wife. Her support made this venture possible, and she’s the reason we’re still playing the game.

When it comes to producing a new Day Soldiers novel or a new Man From Newella adventure, my wife deserves at least half the credit. Not only is she incredibly supportive, she’s an active participant in the process. She edits, she markets, and she takes care of the house when I’m working against a self-imposed deadline. She’s my biggest fan and my harshest critic. She expects the best from me and will accept nothing less. She’s truly my partner in every sense of the word.

I know plenty of other authors who do just fine without a supportive spouse, and that’s great… but for me, I couldn’t do this without her.

Every new book is the product of a massive amount of hard work from both of us, but I’m always the one who gets the glory. Because of that, I just wanted to take a moment to shine a little spotlight on her.

Because she’s awesome and deserves some props.



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