My Thoughts on Folk Soul Revival’s Live Show

by Brandon

I”m not a big fan of country music. Being totally honest here, I actively dislike country music, especially modern country. I have nothing against people who love it; it’s just not my thing.

That said, when my wife suggested we go watch Folk Soul Revival’s show last night, I was eager to go… even though they have a definite country slant to their music. For my readers who aren’t from the southwest Virginia area, FSR is a popular local band.

I was eager for two reasons…

First, I like showing support to any local artists. Secondly, I’d heard FSR’s music plenty of times, but had never heard them live, and they’re really known for their live shows.

Despite a large crowd, we got some really good seats. Shortly after we were seated, the show started. As they began to play, the crowd went nuts. By the time they finished their first song, I realized two things:

1. I was wrong to think of Folk Soul Revival as a “country band.”

2. These guys are stars.

I don’t mean they’re celebrities. That’s different.

I simply mean that stage was their home. They were exactly where they belong. They showed a genuine love of the fans there and they played their asses off for those fans. They put everything they had into that show, and it was blatantly obvious they loved every second of it.

Their show wasn’t a one-way performance. The audience was just as important to the band as the band was to the audience. People danced, people screamed (in a good way), and people laughed. It felt less like a concert and more like a celebration of fun.

FSR: “Are you having fun yet?”

Someone in the crowd: “We are, thanks to you!”

FSR: “Well, we are, thanks to you!”

That exchange might sound silly in writing, but if you were there, the sincerity on both sides was undeniable.

And here’s the thing… I mentioned at the beginning that I’m not a country fan, but I gotta say… the music was good.

Very good.

Their music is country, but it’s more. It has a swagger you just don’t see in modern country. It has the same swagger Elvis had in 1956. Their music feels like a celebration. When these guys play, you feel like you’re doing something wrong if you’re not dancing.

I’m a big fan of Irish folk music. You know, the kind that makes you want to drink a pint and dance on the table of an Irish pub. FSR has that same emotional resonance.

As I watched them play, I couldn’t help but think southwest Virginia is about to lose them to national (and international) tours.

So… after seeing that show, am I now a fan of country music?

No way. Just not my thing.

However… am I a fan of Folk Soul Revival?

You bet.

No matter what your opinion is of country music, you should check out Folk Soul Revival. These guys just feel… genuine.




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