Obi-Wan’s Jerkiest Move

by Brandon

Yeah. Another extremely nerdy Star Wars post. Deal with it.

I’m still working on my marathon through the saga. It’s slow going because most of my time is spent working on Day Soldiers IV and I just watch Star Wars in my spare time. Right now, I’m on The Empire Strikes Back… and I found myself wondering why Obi-Wan unnecessarily risked the fate of the galaxy just to be a jerk.

When Luke decides he’s gonna’ go rescue Han and Leia, Yoda and Obi-Wan’s ghost try to talk him out of it. At one point, the conversation goes like this:

Obi-Wan’s ghost: “If you choose to face Vader, you will do it alone. I cannot interfere.”

Luke: “I understand.”


Luke, buddy… that was the wrong reply. Here’s how you should’ve replied: “Why the hell not?!”

This is just like when Qui-Gon told Obi-Wan they can’t interfere with Padme’s plan, even though they’d done nothing but interfere through the entirety of Episode I:

But back to The Empire Strikes Back and that conversation on Dagobah…

Why is Obi-Wan being a jerk to Luke? He and Yoda just told Luke that he should sacrifice the lives of his friends. Yet Ben won’t help Luke face Vader? That’s one seriously spiteful old ghost.

And yes, I get that he’s a ghost, but there are ways he could help. He could distract Vader by popping up and screaming, “LOOKIT ME! I’M OBI-WAN’S GHOST! WOOOOOOO!”

Then Luke could’ve stabbed Vader in the head.

“Maybe only other Jedi can see him,” you say…

Okay. Fine. Then Ben could show up and say, “Hey Luke, Vader’s behind that machinery over there. You should sneak around to the other side or something.”

And the worst part… when Luke is hanging upside down from the bottom of the city, he asks for Ben’s help. He was all, “Hey Ben… at least tell Leia to come get me or something, okay?”

But nope. Ben was totally silent. Not even a “Hang in there, help is on the way.”

“Well,” you say, “maybe Vader’s presence prevents Obi-Wan from appearing.”

Fine. That’s the best explanation yet. If you don’t factor in Qui-Gon’s nonsense from Episode 1. That suggests this is clearly some kind of rule for Jedi.

Apparently the Jedi code contains some rule somewhere that says, “Never help others with ideas they come up with on their own. If we didn’t think of it, it’s not worth fooling with.”

So if the Jedi doesn’t come up with the idea, they refuse to help.

That takes petty to a whole new level.



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