Reach Out And Touch Someone

by Brandon

I remember when I was growing up, the entire family used to gather together for holidays.  There would be a big dinner and we’d all gather in the living room and wait for that one uncle who always had trouble reading the handwriting to hand out gifts.

It seems like this is a tradition that isn’t quite as popular as it used to be.  People move around the country – or sometimes the world – for work, or sometimes just a change of scenery.  Sometimes jobs get in the way and folks can’t make it to the big family gathering.  Military families might have someone on the other side of the world at a time when they would normally be together.  There are plenty of reasons that people can’t get together for the holidays.  But even the toughest of us are missing someone at this time of year.

Let’s keep that in mind as this holiday season kicks into high gear.  Hanukkah starts today, Christmas is Sunday and Kwanzaa begins the day after.  While you’re out and about doing last minute shopping, when you’re going to work, when you’re filling up your car with gas, while you’re at the grocery store trying to figure out where in the world they keep the stuffing mix – take just an extra second and be nice and courteous to that person who’s in your way.  Smile at the person who accidentally elbowed you.  Say, “Happy holidays!” to the mom trying to herd three kids through the store by herself.  That person is just as frazzled as you are, and remember – they’re missing someone too.  It just takes an extra second or two to smile or say a kind word, and that kindness can be infectious.

And when you get home take 5 minutes out of your day and if it’s at all possible get in touch with that someone you’re missing.  Pick up the phone, send them an email.  They’re probably missing you, too.  Give hugs to your family.  Tell your spouse, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your kids that you love them.  And if you can’t get in touch with them for whatever reason, at least take a moment and think about them.

A little kindness goes a long way and it might be just what that person needs this year.  And you might even be amazed at how good it feels for you, too.

Happy holidays everyone!

- Brandon

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