Saturday Book Exploration: Dracula’s Demeter

by Brandon

Today’s exploration is Dracula’s Demeter, by Doug Lamoreux. The only real interactions I’ve had with Mr. Lamoreux was when he submitted a very fun story during my Countdown to Halloween short story marathon (you can read it here). I loved the story but I was more intrigued by his current novel: Dracula’s Demeter.

As soon as I saw the name of his book, I was simultaneously intrigued and skeptical. I was intrigued because I’ve always thought Dracula’s journey on the Demeter would make a great story. I was skeptical because Lamoreux was messing around with my all-time favorite horror icon.

Dracula is a character few people get right (in my opinion). Hollywood typically treats him like a spoof of himself (“Bleh! Bleh bleh!”) or it treats him like a sympathetic romantic lead. I’ve never seen or read an interpretation of the character that’s a true representation of the monster Stoker created. The closest I’ve seen was Coppola’s take, but even Coppola couldn’t resist the temptation to make him a tragic romantic lead.

So how does Lamoreux handle the character?

I’m happy to say he nailed it. This is perhaps the most true-to-Stoker interpretation of the character I’ve ever read (or watched).

This book feels like it’s set in the same world as Stoker’s tale, which I think is vital when it comes to a story like this.

All in all, I loved this book. Keep in mind, there was no chance I’d have lukewarm feelings about it. I’ve read Dracula dozens of times. It’s my all-time favorite book. I knew going into this that’d I’d either love Dracula’s Demeter or I’d hate it. I’m glad it was the former.

Dracula’s Demeter isn’t cashing in on the name Dracula. This book is a love letter to Bram Stoker. It’s truly an homage to a horror icon.

So, with all that said, here’s my advice:

If you haven’t read Bram Stoker’s Dracula, shame on you.




Go read it or stop calling yourself a fan of horror.

Then… after you’ve finished Dracula, hop over to Amazon and give Dracula’s Demeter a shot. I strongly suspect you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you read.


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