Saturday Book Exploration: JRC Salter

by Brandon

This week’s book exploration is Allison’s Defeat, by JRC Salter.

My first interaction with JRC was because of Day Soldiers. He was a fan of the book, left a very nice review, and joined the Books From Hale Facebook page. Since then, I’ve gotten to know him fairly well (through Facebook; I haven’t met him in person since I’m in the US of A and he’s in the UK). JRC has an obvious passion for books, so I decided to give Allison’s Defeat a whirl. I’m currently about 30% through the book and I’m definitely enjoying what I’ve read so far.

Here’s the blurb:

Allison is an ordinary modern day girl who hasn’t thought much about the nature of the universe, but when asked, she says she doesn’t believe in a supreme being. That is until one day when a new school friend tells her she is to be a powerful warrior for God. She refuses to believe it despite her recurring psychic ability and apparent immortality. She intends to get on with her life, and to some extent succeeds, until a mysterious figure from her past forces her to face her destiny.

This is the first book in The Calnis Chronicles series.

Just a heads up, this book does contain some violence, harsh language, and sexual content.

If you find the premise intriguing, hop on over to Amazon and check it out. Hopefully, you’ll love it and you can feel good about supporting another indie artist.



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