Saturday Book Exploration: Robert Thomas

by Brandon

This week’s book exploration is The Dream Valley by Robert Thomas.

Robert’s a fellow author and a friend. The Dream Valley is the opening saga of an epic fantasy series that throws the reader into a world of magic, adventure and war. Here’s the blurb:

A land held in perpetual summer, the Dream Valley is as lush and beautiful as when the world was born. The air is as sweet as nectar and the water so clear it mirrors the clouds from the sky itself. Nothing ever dies there except for the very old. Never has there been a care until an unexpected invasion from a land long thought dead envelops the Chrystum and two life-long friends are thrown into the ravages of war.
Creatures they once fought only in their dreams of glory and grandeur have come to life to rape and pillage their peaceful world. Their only hope now resides in a stranger from outside their realm and the aging wisdom of one of their own as an epic journey of magic and war now consumes them to the very end.

If this looks interesting to you, hop on over to Amazon and give it whirl.



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