Some People I Should Thank

by Brandon

For a while now, I’ve wanted to do a blog thanking certain folks for their help in regards to my adventures as an indie author. From the start, this has not been a solo project. The amount of support and help I’ve received has been downright humbling. As a matter of fact, the only reason I’ve not done a blog like this already is because there are so many folks who have helped me along the way, I’m certain I’ll forget to mention a few. Hell, truth be told, if I thanked every person who has helped me on this journey, I’d have to make it a full length book.

That said, I do feel like I should give a shout out to some folks who donated their time and energy to help make this writing gig happen.  I’ll start with that grouchy old man from the Quiet Room.


Garv built (and maintains) He’s remarkably gifted when it comes to quickly developing quality websites. We decided early on that we wanted Books From Hale to be a very simple layout. We wanted it to be about the content, not the site. Garv had built for me in a matter of a couple days. He also runs Quiet Room Entertainment (go like them on Facebook now!). Through Quiet Room, he has been a wonderful supporter of my works. Quiet Room and Books From Hale have become sister sites. We’ve kind of become the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert of our little corner of the world.

So for all that you’ve done, Garv, and all the support you’ve given…

Thanks, man.


Jake Phillips worked with another friend (Thanks, T-Bone!) over at Far Out Productions to produce a trailer for the first Day Soldiers book. Jake is the actor in that video (FYI, that epic beard is real). Jake has been an enormous supporter of my books and he’s one of Day Soldiers’ biggest fans. The best part, he has stated over and over that his support of the books isn’t just him being a friend. His exact words: ” I’m not pimping your books – I don’t just hype something because a friend did it. I will, however, continue to promote your books because they’re good.” That level of integrity is something I deeply admire and appreciate. Since then, Jake has become the face of the Legion (the vampires and werewolves in Day Soldiers). He’s now a T-Shirt and his mug is on the cover of the Day Soldiers Trilogy. He has donated his time (and his face) to this, and it’s deeply appreciated. As far as I can tell, one of his big motivations for doing this was so he can say, “I’m a T-Shirt!” He says that a lot.

Cavalier Comics

Brian, the owner of Cavalier Comics, hosted and promoted my first ever book signing. The signing went wonderfully (here’s a blog about it). I’ve done some signings since then, but that day will forever be a milestone for me. So thanks, Brian.

Other authors I’ve met along the way.

This one is tough because I simply don’t have room in a single blog to highlight each and every author I’ve met as I learned how to do this indie thing. I’ve met dozens and they have been an insanely valuable resource for me. The indie author community is one of the most generous and helpful communities I’ve ever had the honor of being a part of. These guys are truly amazing and all of them deserve success. This is a hard game to play, but they play it with style and grace.

In the coming weeks, I will be highlighting other indie authors every Saturday. I’m doing this to help them out, but also as a service to my readers. From mysteries to horror to sci fi to romance, there are endless great books out there from indie authors, and my Saturdays (starting in January) are going to be devoted to highlighting these authors.

So to the authors who have offered wonderful support and advice… thank you.

My wife

Of course, it all starts with Laura. The dedication in Topia reads: “To Laura, for laying the foundations upon which Topia was built.”

That really says it all. Her support – in all regards – has been so overwhelming that I sometimes can’t fathom my own good fortune. She has been there for me in every possible way a person can be there for another person.

The Readers

This is another group that would be impossible to list individually. The support I’ve received from readers has been staggering. From friends to strangers to semi-strangers to strangers who have become friends, the reaction I’ve gotten from readers has been the single most humbling experience of my life.

I know it’s strange to say that people liking my work is humbling, but I swear it’s the truth.

The first fan letters I got were from some young ladies who said their teacher had recommended Day Soldiers to them. I was deeply touched that a teacher had used my book to get young people interested in reading. It’s this kind of thing that humbles a man. There are many great authors out there… many authors who are far greater than me… but this person chose Day Soldiers. That’s… well, let’s just say it’s pretty damn overwhelming.

I wish I could write an entire book that just thanks the people who have been there for me.

I really do. I know there are hundreds of folks I should be mentioning in this blog. To those who have helped and weren’t mentioned here, thank you.

Being an indie author is a tough (but wonderful) job. Indie authors don’t have a company spending thousands of dollars on advertising. Our biggest obstacle has always been and will always be visibility. Getting noticed is a full time job.

The main way we overcome this obstacle is word-of-mouth. We rely heavily on you. We find ourselves hoping that you like our books enough to tell your friends about it, because if you don’t we’re dead in the water. We don’t succeed because of advertisements in magazines or on TV.

Our success or failure depends on you, the readers. You are the beginning and the end of our careers. We owe everything to you.

So on behalf of all independent authors…

Thank you.

I don’t know how long this ride will last. Maybe it’ll go on until I retire. Maybe it’ll end tomorrow. The one thing I’ve learned about life is that you can always count on it to be unpredictable.

Either way, I’m grateful for this experience. I’m grateful that I’ve met so many wonderful people. I’m grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to chase my dreams.

I owe that to you.

I’m just a guy who likes to tell stories. I’m grateful that you like the stories I tell. And I’m very grateful that you’ve passed the word on to friends.

So thanks.


p.s. I’ve found more evidence that Betty White is evil. Expect that update in a future blog.


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