Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Choose Your Path

by Brandon

When the zombie apocalypse started, you were on your way to the grocery store. At first, you saw random people roaming the streets. Confused, you turned on your car radio and heard the reports. The recently dead had risen and were feeding on the flesh of the living. As soon as you realized it was real, you tried to get home, but the multiple crashes had the streets completely blocked. For several minutes, you sat in your car, trying to figure out what to do next.

Your home was too far to make it on foot and your car was going nowhere.

While you were processing these horrifying events, the zombies saw you and began shambling toward your car…

You quickly jumped from your car and ran to the nearest house. The door was closed, but not locked, so you ran inside and locked the door behind you. After a complete search of the house, you found that it was empty. You quickly locked all the doors and spent the next several hours pushing furniture in front of the windows. After the house was secured, you searched every room for anything useful.

Luck was on your side. You found a pistol and plenty of ammo in a bedroom. The kitchen was fully stocked with food and water. Still shaken, you went back to the living room and turned on the TV.

That was three hours ago. You’re still sitting in front of the TV, watching the news reports about the chaos. Apparently, this thing isn’t local. All across the globe, the dead are rising. Even though you’re safe now, you want to get home.

But how?

You peek out the window. It’s dark now, but by the street lights, you see dozens of zombies roaming the street in front of the house. They’ve apparently forgotten you entirely. They don’t seem to know you’re in the house. None of them are trying to get inside.

Suddenly, you see a man running toward the house. He’s carrying a shovel. Every time a zombie comes at him, he bashes it in the head and keeps running. He looks at the house and sees you looking at him.

“Crap,” you say as you step away from the window.

But it’s too late. He saw you.

He runs up to the house and starts banging on the front door.

“I know you’re in there!” he screams. “Let me in! Don’t let me die out here!”

The zombies are now shambling toward the house.

“Let me in,” the man screams, “or I’ll break the door down!”

Do you…

Open the door and let him in.

Tell him to go away.

Ignore him and hope he goes away.

Shoot him.

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