Thank You, Bloggers, Tweeters, and Facebookers!

by Brandon

This weekend, Day Soldiers has been all over the web. Several bloggers posted reviews and shout-outs, and many friends, readers, and nice people posted about it on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you.

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again… for an indie author, word-of-mouth is the most powerful marketing tool we have. I deeply appreciate so many readers spreading the word about Day Soldiers. I’ve tried my best to give you a fun adventure and it’s downright overwhelming to see that folks are enjoying it.

I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised by the diversity of Day Soldiers fans. When I wrote the first book, I honestly wasn’t sure who my “target audience” would be. It’s got vampires and werewolves, but they’re not the romantic kind. They’re monsters. Horrible, evil monsters. My main character, though, is a young woman (Lily Baxter). She’s strong, intelligent, and a bit on the stubborn side. When I put the strong female lead with what’s basically a book about a war against monsters, I really wasn’t sure who would like the book and who would think, “Meh, it’s not for me.”

My only goal was to tell a fun story. No more, no less.

Well, it turns out that Day Soldiers is well-liked across the board. I have male readers, female readers, young adult readers, and older readers.

That’s a wonderful feeling. Truly.

As a writer, I owe you a good story. If I want to sell books, it’s my responsibility to give you a good story.

As a reader, you owe me nothing. It’s all on me to provide the entertainment and if you’re not entertained, I’ve failed.

As readers, you have no responsibility to tell your friends about this book. You have no responsibility to “support independent authors.” It’s not your responsibility to like my Facebook page or to send me messages letting me know what you think of my books.

And yet, you’ve chosen to do all those things and more.

For that, thank you. Seriously, guys. Thank you.

Thanks to all the bloggers out there who gave Day Soldiers some props:


Only True Magic

The Gypsy Journal

Something WicKED This Way Comes

Blake’s Blog

And the gang over at The Quiet Room

And thanks to any bloggers I’ve missed here.

Also, thanks to all the readers who decided to spread the word about Day Soldiers.

I appreciate it more than you could possibly imagine.

You guys are the best.


P.S. I think my next big project is to start up a viral campaign to get SyFy to do a Day Soldiers mini-series. Who’s with me!?

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