The Dark Knight Rises Review

by Brandon

I knew there was going to be a trailer for The Man of Steel before the Dark Knight Rises, so I made sure to be there early enough to catch that trailer. My wife and I got our popcorn and settled in…

The first trailer came on. It wasn’t the Man of Steel. I don’t remember what it was, but it was stupid. Second trailer… not Man of Steel.

Finally a trailer started and I immediately knew it was The Man of Steel. A dude I assume was Clark’s Earth dad (Jonathan Kent) was narrating. He said some cool stuff, and there were some neat shots of Clark, then I saw a glimpse of Superman flying into the sky.

And that was the end of the trailer.




Seriously. What kind of trailer is that? I know the movie’s not due for another year, but I also know they’ve filmed more than that. I was looking forward to a trailer that would get me all nerdy for Superman… and instead I got a glimpse of a shadowy dude flying toward the sky.

Three words come to mind when I think of that Superman trailer:

Load of crap.

Yeah, I said it. The Superman trailer was a load of crap.

Now, I’m pretty sure the movie is gonna rock, but that trailer was like being offered a single sesame seed and getting told the sesame seed was a “sample” of General Tso’s Chicken.


Great. Now I’m craving some General Tso’s Chicken.

Thanks, crappy Superman trailer. Not only did you leave me grossly disappointed, but now I’m craving General Tso’s at 1:30 in the morning. You’re the worst trailer ever.

I hate you.

I feel so betrayed.

– Brandon

p.s. The Dark Knight Rises was awesome. Nerd-law requires that you see it.



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