The Declaration Video

November 1, 2017.


Before yesterday, you didn’t believe in us. To you, we were just myths from a time when people believed in silly superstitions. We were fictional characters in your books and movies. We were Halloween costumes and art inspirations for your depressed teenagers.

       This arrangement was fine with us. As a matter of fact, it was better than fine. We’ve always known how dangerous you are. You destroy everything you touch, whether you love it, hate it, or are indifferent to it. You are, without a doubt, the most destructive force this planet has ever known.

       You even destroy the things that are vital to your own survival. You pollute the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the land that feeds you. You hunt animals to extinction and you decimate the very forests that clean your air.

       We’ve always known that the day would come when we had to step from the shadows and stop you. We knew that day was inevitable, but we’ve tried to put it off. It was just more convenient for us when you didn’t believe we existed.

       As long as we were careful, we could do what we pleased to you and you didn’t retaliate. I mean, what would your police say to a man that told them a vampire had been drinking his blood or a werewolf had mauled his wife? As long as we were unknown to you, we were safe from you.
But yesterday, everything changed. Thanks to your Dr. Jackson Bates, you now know we exist. You know we’re here. We are now on your radar of destruction.

       And because of this, we have decided the time has come to end your destructive domination of this world. Your day has ended. When the sun comes up tomorrow, the world will no longer belong to humanity.

       This video has been sent to every news organization in the world, as well as millions of websites. We don’t want you to hide behind the idea that you’re our victims. You are not. You are victims of yourselves.

       If you had left us alone, who knows what might have happened. Our hope was that you’d eventually recognize the destructive nature of your actions and take steps to improve yourselves.

       None of that matters, though. We’re no longer in the shadows. You dragged us into the light. You forced us to take action against you.

       Tonight, that action begins. The world is no longer yours.

       Tonight, we are taking it from you.


       Consider this video our declaration of war.

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