The First Day

Let’s be honest… the best part of most zombie movies and books is the beginning. It’s that intense moment when life shifts from mundane to insane.

The rest of the story can be fun, but nothing compares to the raw emotion that comes from the moment the whole world goes straight to hell.

The First Day is a collection of short stories that focuses on that moment. Every story is about the first day of a zombie apocalypse, and each story is written by a different author from the Southwest Virginia area.

Each story has its own take on this event, and the settings range from the 1970’s to the very near future.  From Nathan Hayes’ emotional story of an older woman and her husband to Edgar Blaine’s tale of a Vietnam vet in the early 70’s, each story begins and ends within the confines of the first day of the end of life as we know it.

One morning, you’re going to wake up, fix your coffee, and look out the window to see what your neighbors are doing.

And you’ll see the undead shambling toward your house…

When that day comes, will you be ready?

The First Day

When it Matters
by Nathan Hayes

Ground Zero by Jon Perry

Oliver by Gary Patrick

Zombie Woman by Edgar Blaine

OMGZ! by ‘Lyn Brooks

When Hell Was Full by Stephen Phillips


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