The New Publishing Industry and What It Means to Readers and Writers

by Brandon

When it comes to the book market, the paradigm has changed… and it’s spectacular. Sure, there are some drawbacks, but the benefits (to the writer and the reader) are really beyond measure.

10 years ago, making a living as an author was nearly impossible. Today, it more or less boils down to the quality of your work and amount of effort you’re willing to put into it. There are no barriers any more… only obstacles to overcome. Authors are no longer hindered by the perceived marketability of a book. Thanks to this glorious digital age, every book is marketable. Authors are now only hindered by their own ability and drive.

This is a wonderful thing for readers. Truly wonderful.

Now, Authors can go directly to you and say, “Here.” And you have an ocean of new books to experience. Sure, the odds of reading a terrible book is increased, but there are now many great novels available that – 10 years ago – had absolutely no way to make it to you.

We all win. As readers, we get to decide who the great authors are. And we can now give direct feedback to those authors. Thanks to this new paradigm, the relationship between readers and authors is truly a conversation. And authors benefit greatly from this. It’s still very unlikely that a writer will get rich from selling books, but that’s not the goal. The goal is to make a living by doing what you love… and – thanks to this new paradigm – it’s a dream that can happen.

I’m living proof. The Gods and the Builders has already exceeded my expectations, both from a sales perspective and from the wonderful responses I’m getting from readers. And hopefully Day Soldiers (which released on April 1) will do the same.

Don’t get me wrong. I still have great respect for the standard publishing methods and I’m not saying the big publishing houses are some great evil we must overcome. It’s incredibly expensive to publish a book through their methods, so they have to stay extremely selective. This shift isn’t a war with the old ways. It’s an evolution… it’s a growth of the market and a growth of options for writers and readers alike.

It’s simply a new direction.

I, for one, love this new direction.

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