The Preacher’s Town – A Day Soldiers Choose Your Path Adventure

by Brandon

You step into the deserted town. Well, it’s not exactly deserted. There are no humans in the town, but you know there are vampires hiding in the black shadows of this place. The full moon has cast its eerie blue light over the open areas of the town, but the shadows are pitch black.

Your team of sneakers is with you. Brian, your scout, is standing to your right. Sarah, your weapons specialist, is standing to your left.

“Any idea where our target is?” Brian says.

You tap the communicator on your ear. “This is Stalker One,” you say quietly. “Abbie, you there?”

“I’m here,” a female voice says on your communicator.

“Any info on where the bloodsucker might be?” you ask.

“He was last seen about half a mile from that town,” Abbie says. “Beyond that, we’re not sure. The last team we sent into that town never came back.”

“Lovely,” Sarah says.

“Okay,” you say to Abbie. “We’ll report back once we have more information.”

“So I guess it’s your call, boss,” Brian says. “I could go in and see if I can spot where they’re hiding. If I go alone, odds are better that I won’t be spotted. Scouting’s my thing, you know.”

“No,” Sarah says. “You heard Abbie. The last team never made it out. I don’t think we should split up on this one.”

They look at you, waiting for an answer.

Do you:

Send Brian to scout the area while you and Sarah wait at the edge of town.

Stick together and explore the town as a team.

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