The Saturday Book Exploration, Part 4

by Brandon

We’ve made it to another Saturday and in keeping with my Saturday tradition of exploring new authors, I’ve got two books for you this week:

Gone (The Tangle Saga, #1)The first book is Gone, by Traci Tyne Hilton. It’s a Science Fiction Mystery novel and is the first book in The Tangle Saga. Here’s the blurb:

One woman, heir to a throne back on Earth, found life on a remote space station a comfortable way to avoid responsibilities waiting back on her home planet.

But when her rebellious teenaged brother and sister disappear her responsibilities catch up with her.

Thousands of lives hang in the balance–including her own–as she digs into the darkest corners in space. Can she find the missing kids before their rebellion sets off a chain of violence no one can stop?

The second book on the Saturday Exploration is Blood (Ancestral Skin), by Shirley Bourget. Here’s the blurb:

When Tate entered a vision quest hoping to learn something that his Grandfather insists is vitally important, he never expected a nightmare! He had heard about Skin Walkers, but he never believed they were real…
When Morningstar left her village, her dreams were to please her Ancestral God, and return as a potential bride and future mother to her people. However, motherhood always comes with a price…

Three hundred years ago Yellow Bird Mountain didn’t exist. Now it marks the location of the Makoce Indian Reservation, containing some of the riches oil deposits in the region. Russell Blanding wants that oil, and will stop at nothing to get it…

Blood is the first volume in the Ancestral Skin Saga, and lays the foundational tale of Native American Skin Walkers with mystical creatures, and thrilling suspense. This Paranormal novel is laced with humor, romance, murder, and deceit.

(This book contains material that some may find offensive. It is intended for mature audiences.)

So give them a look. Hopefully, you’ll find a couple books you really enjoy!


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