What are you afraid of?

by Brandon

As a child we’re taught that certain things aren’t real; vampires, werewolves, ghosts and so on and so forth.  And because these ghouls and goblins aren’t real we shouldn’t be afraid of them. Right?


Then why is it that so many adults are still just a little bit afraid of the dark?  Why do so many people have to make sure that the closet door is closed before they doze off for the night?  That the sheet is tucked in at the bottom of the bed to keep their feet from being exposed?

As rational adults in the light of day we know that there is no monster under the bed, no boogey man hiding in the closet waiting for us to get one foot across that line from being awake to being asleep.  But when the lights go out…

So tell me – what is it you’re afraid of?  And I don’t mean real world terrors such as natural disasters; I want to know what’s hiding in your closet.  Leave me a note here and let me know!

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