You decide to charge the church.

“Okay,” you say. “This has to be quick. As soon as we’re inside, focus all your shots on the vampires closest to Brian.”

Sarah gives you a single nod. “Window or door?”

“Window,” you whisper.

Sarah runs to another window and waits for your signal. With your fingers, you count down from three.




You both dive through the windows.

You land inside and quickly jump to your feet. With two quick shots, you kill the vampires closest to Brian.

Sarah quickly kills two more.

Brian runs toward you, fighting through the vampires. As soon as he’s close enough, you toss him a stake.

Brian takes the stake and pierces the heart of the closest vamp.

You manage a direct hit with every shot. Just as you’re beginning to think you might actually get out of this alive, a voice screams, “That’s enough!”

You turn around and see that a vampire has managed to capture Sarah. He’s holding her from behind, his claws pressed against her throat.

“Put your weapons on the floor,” he says in a serpentine voice.

“Don’t do it!” Sarah screams. “Look around! He’s the only one left in the church. Kill him, then we can get the hell out of here!”

“You’re the preacher,” you say. “You’re the vampire in charge of this region.”

“I am,” he says with a snarl. “You can’t hit my heart without shooting through your friend, so I offer you a compromise. Put down the weapons and leave this town. In exchange, I will let her live and I will guarantee your safe passage. If you stay and fight, your friend will die.”

“Shoot him!” Sarah screams. “Shoot him in the damn face!”

Do you:

Shoot the vampire.

Put down your weapons.

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