You decide to fight the vampires.

“You want our weapons?” you say to the vampire as you draw your crossbow. “I can’t give you the crossbow, but I’m happy to let you have its ammo.”

You fire your weapon. The crossbow bolt pierces the vampire’s heart.

The other four vampires attack.

Your team fights valiantly. Within a few seconds, all four are dead.

“Now what?” Brian asks.

“Now,” you say, “we do what we came here to do. We kill that damn preacher.”

“Good luck with that,” the preacher says as he rounds the corner. He has at least twenty vampires with him. “I don’t think I want to convert you. You’ve killed my people and that makes me angry. I think I’m just going to kill you.”

“Fight or flight, boss?” Sarah asks.

Stay and fight.


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