You decide to stick together and explore the town as a team.

“Sorry, Brian,” you say. “We’re not splitting up this time. Sarah’s right. Considering what happened to the last team, we should stick together.”

You and your team work your way through the town. You make sure to stay in the shadows and silently listen for any noise.

Eventually, you hear a faint voice. It sounds like it’s coming from inside one of the buildings.

You follow the voice until you come to a church. You and your team creep up to the church window and peek inside.

“Great,” Sarah said. “Our target is a vampire preacher. I hate those guys.”

Several vampires are inside the church. They all look the same. White skin. Bald heads. Pointed ears. Blue veins, spider-webbed across their hideous faces.

One vampire is standing at the front of the chapel, talking to the others.

No, not talking.


“The time has come,” the vampires says, “for us to gain more followers to our cause.”

From your training, you know that when a vampire preacher says, “gain more followers” he simply means “make more vampires.”

“There is a town twenty miles east of here,” the preacher continues. “There are humans still living in that town. Tomorrow, we will go there and convert those people to our cause!”

“Drop your weapons,” someone says from behind you. You know from the hissing voice that it’s a vampire.

You turn around to see five vampires.

“Drop your weapons,” the vampire says again. “You are our prisoners.”

“Three of us,” Sarah says, “five of them. I think we can take em.”

Do you:

Drop your weapons and surrender.

Fight the vampires.

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