You send Brian to scout the area while you and Sarah wait at the edge of town.

“Brian, get in and out as fast as you can,” you say. “If you see anything, do not engage. Get back here ASAP and we’ll form a plan.”

“This is a bad idea,” Sarah says.

“Your objection is noted,” you say, “but what’s the point of having a scout if we don’t let him scout.”

Brian quickly disappears into the shadows of the empty town.

Five minutes pass.

Ten minutes.

“Boss,” Sarah says, “something’s wrong.”

“Chill,” you say. “It’s not like he can just jog through town. He has to move slowly.”

Your communicator beeps.

“See?” you say. You tap the communicator. “What’d you find, Brian?”

“I have your soldier,” a voice says.

The voice doesn’t belong to Brian.

“Who are you?” you say.

“I am Father Drake,” the voice says. “You and your friends are trespassing. Your soldier will be executed in exactly five minutes. If you leave now, his death will be swift. If you come into town, his death will be… painful.”

With a click, the voice is gone.

“Great,” Sarah says. “A damn vampire preacher.”

You pull the crossbow from your back and make sure it’s loaded. “There aren’t many here,” you say. “Otherwise, they’d have just swarmed us.”

“Respectfully,” Sarah says, “we should consider our options. There’s no way we’ll find him in five minutes. Who knows where they’ve taken him. Do you want to be responsible for his torture? Either way, Brian’s probably lost.”

“What do you think we should do?” you ask.

Sarah smiles. “I think we should rescue Brian.”

Do you:

Go search for Brian.

Leave town so the Day Soldiers can come back with a larger force.

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