You shoot him and go out the back door…

Before the man says another word, you shoot him in the head and run out the back door. Immediately, a zombie comes toward you. You shoot the undead thing in the head and continue running.

More zombies are roaming through the woods, but you manage to dodge most of them without firing the gun. You sprint wildly through the woods, dodging zombies, until you eventually come to a road. Just as you step onto the road, several zombies step out of the woods on the other side, shambling toward you.

You shoot one, then another.You point the gun at a third zombie and pull the trigger.


You’re out of bullets!

You have more bullets back in the house, but it’s now swarming with zombies.

Suddenly, you see headlights coming toward you. It’s a vehicle!

A truck pulls between you and the zombies on the other side of the road. A woman is driving. She rolls down the window and screams, “What are you waiting for!? GET IN!”

Do you…

Get in the truck.

Run back to the house.

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