You shoot the vampire.

“Sorry,” you say as you pull the trigger on your crossbow. “I don’t make bargains with bloodsuckers.”

The bolt darts across the room and hits the preacher between the eyes.

As he falls to the ground, Sarah screams, “Behind you!”

You spin around just in time to see a vampire jumping through the window. You fire the crossbow again, piercing it in the heart.

“Some help here, boss!”

You look to your side and see Brian struggling with another vampire. You quickly pull a stake from your boot and stab it into the vampire’s heart, through his back.

Brian pulls the stake from the vampire’s flesh and throws it to Sarah.

Sarah catches the stake and quickly drives it into the screaming preacher’s heart.

You, Sarah, and Brian stand in the center of the church, looking at the dead vampires.

“That was fun,” Sarah says.

You tap your communicator. “Abbie, the target is dead.”

“Good job,” Abbie says. “Now get the hell out of there. I’m sure there are more vamps in that town.”

You look at your team. “What do you think, guys? Should we leave?”

“I think we should leave,” Brian said, “after we’ve killed every damn bloodsucker in this town.”

“I like Brian’s idea,” Sarah says.

With a grin, you tap your communicator. “Abbie, thanks for the advice, but we’re gonna stay a while.”

Congratulations, soldier! You accomplished the mission.

Click here to start the mission over and try a different path.

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