You stay and fight.

“Funny,” you say to the preacher, “your other companions gave us a choice too. They died.”

The preacher laughed. “I don’t think that will be the case this time.”

“Guys,” you say, “how about we show them what a Day Soldier is capable of.”

You all draw your crossbows and begin firing.  The preacher immediately leaps to the roof of the church.

The vampires try to attack, but your team efficiently kills each one that comes close. Within a few minutes, most of the vampires are dead. The few survivors have run away.

“Where’s that damn preacher?” you say as you look around the town.

“You have not beaten me!” the preacher screams from a nearby rooftop. “I shall make more followers, and when I do, I will find you. Your deaths will not be quick. When we meet again, I plan to kill you slowly. Oh, so—”

His eyes bulged as the crossbow bolt pierces his heart. He staggers forward a few steps, then falls from the roof.

You turn around and look at Sarah. “Good shot.”

“Sorry if you wanted to be the one to do it,” she says. “He was really getting on my nerves. I hate dramatic vampires.”

You laugh and activate your communicator. “Abbie, the target’s dead.”

“Good job, sneakers,” Abbie says. “We have some reports of a group of werewolves in the area. I suggest you get outta there before they arrive.”

You look at your team. “What do you think? Up for killing some dogs?”

“Sounds fun,” Brian says.

Sarah draws her pistol and smiles. “Let’s do it.”

“Abbie,” you say into the communicator, “we might be a little late getting back.”

Congratulations, soldier! You accomplished the mission.

Click here to start the mission over and try a different path.

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