You tell him no…

“I’m not stupid,” you say. “I’m not giving you my gun.”

“Okay,” the man says. “I guess I’ll have to earn your trust.”

“Yeah,” you say.

The man looks toward the kitchen. “How much food is here?”

You glance toward the kitchen. “Enough to last a while–”

The man attacks you and tries to get the gun. You struggle and the gun goes off. The man takes a few steps back and you see that he’s been shot in the stomach.

“You’ve killed me,” the man says.

“You attacked me!”

With a snarl, the man says, “I’m not going to let you get away with this! If I’m dying, you’re dying with me!”

He grabs the door and pulls it open. The zombies swarm into the living room.

You manage to shoot the first one, then you run into the kitchen and look out the back door. It’s black outside, but you know there’s a patch of woods behind the house.

Do you…

Take your chances with the zombies in the house.

Take your chances with the woods.

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