You tell the man to help you close and block the door.

“Idiot!” you scream. “Hold that door closed while I find something to block it with!”

The man pushes the door closed.

You frantically look around the room. The only thing that might keep them out is the couch. You stick the gun in your back pocket and start pushing the couch toward the door.

Before you get the couch to the door, the man falls forward as the zombies force themselves through the door.

You turn to run, but the man grabs your leg. “Don’t leave me!”

You pull out the gun, but it’s too late. The zombies are on you.

You manage to shoot the first one, but the second one takes a huge bite out of your arm, causing you to drop the gun.

Another zombie grabs you and takes a bite out of your shoulder. The last thing you see is a dozen zombies coming in for a meal…

You have died. Click here to start over.

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