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The Man From Newella
The Sheriff’s Tale

The Man From Newella series is set in an era called the Crimson Age. What is the Crimson Age, you ask? Well, it began on July 14, 2081, when the sky rained blood, the animals turned against humanity, the shadows learned how to walk the dead, and our fragile civilization began to crumble.

This first issue – The Sheriff’s Tale – is just the beginning. There are plenty more adventures in the Crimson Age on the way.

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The Man From Newella II – The Sheriff’s Tale

Continue the adventures of the mysterious stranger as he roams the Crimson Age.

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The Day Soldiers Saga

The reviews are in and people love Day Soldiers!


“Day Soldiers started out with a great beginning and kept me interested until the end. Hale did an excellent job of reworking a great genre, vampire and werewolf, into something different and exciting that stayed true to its roots.”

“Amazing, outstanding, magnificent, all of the above would be an understatement.”

“I actually felt giddy and rapidly excited when I continued reading this book.”

Take a look at the reviews on Amazon or pop over to to check out the full reviews.

Day Soldiers Emblem 300x300 The Day Soldiers Saga is the story of Lily Baxter, a strong-willed eighteen year old girl who joins an organization devoted to fighting a full scale war against a legion of vampires and werewolves. This epic tale of humanity’s fight against the darkness has received wonderful reviews. Readers love the cinematic feel of the story, the realistic portrayal of strong (but sometimes flawed) characters, and the fast and humorous dialogue.

A mix of humor, horror, sci fi, and adventure, The Day Soldiers Saga is a fun read for anyone young adult or older. Book five is coming soon, with Book six not far behind. Now is a great time to get caught up.

Day Soldiers

The Book that started it all…

Available at the following retailers. Day Soldiers is available in paperback and ebook formats:


Barnes and Noble




Purging Fires:

Day Soldiers Book Two


The exciting saga of the Day Soldiers continues…

Available at the following retailers. Purging Fires is available in paperback and ebook formats:


Barnes and Noble





Day Soldiers Book Three

How does the war end? The thrilling continuation to the Day Soldiers series.

Currently available for the at the following retailers: 




Barnes and Noble



Day Soldiers Book Four

The saga continues with a new Day Soldiers adventure. The war has been over for sixteen years. Things have changed, but not all the changes are good…

Currently available for the at the following retailers: 




Barnes and Noble




The Sneaker’s Handbook:

A Day Soldiers Guide to Killing Vampires and Werewolves


Sneakers Handbook 201x300

Your ignorance is the Legion’s most powerful weapon.

This companion piece is the manual that Lily Baxter was issued when she was assigned to the Sneakers.

Currently Available at Amazon.






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The Gods and the Builders

Alien3 The Gods and the Builders is Brandon Hale’s very intimate view of an extremely monumental event: Alien visitation. His exciting new novel deals with the event in a very powerful way. It’s not about the government’s reaction. It’s about four average people that have to deal with this life changing event.

When the world changes, what in your life will still matter… and what won’t?



Now available at, both for the Kindle and in Paperback .


Tales From Hale


Tales from Hale cover 201x300

Tales From Hale is a collection of five short stories by author Brandon Hale. Written to be fast and fun, each story is short enough to be read in one sitting (the collection is a little over 12,000 words).

Like his full length novels, these stories explore the quirky horror genre that Brandon has loved for as long as he can remember. These tales will bring you face to face with ghosts, zombies, and an insane mind or two. From the emotionally stirring tale of “The Shoebox” to the dark humor of “The Date,” Tales From Hale is a great introduction to Brandon Hale’s writing.

Now available at Amazon for the kindle.


Free At Books From


The First Day

First Day Cover

This is a collection of short stories written by several authors in Southwest Virginia. The collection is sold physically, but we’re offering it here for you to read for free, just as a thanks for stopping by.

Click Here to read The First Day for free! No downloading required. Just click the link to enter the zombie apocalypse.


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